Falguni Pathak Songs

Falguni Pathak Songs

Falguni Pathak is one of my most favourite singer. she has a very good voice. when she sings a magic happens in the listners ears. his beautiful voice has really great power.You can feel even the lyrics like the whole scene or the story is happening in front of your eyes. She mostlty sings love songs for girls but even lot of male like her voice. I love her.


Shuja said...

his beautiful voice. Its not "his" but "her". By the way she is my favorite singer.

priya kumari said...

wow what a wonderful singer she is. her voice spreads magic in d atmosphere.such a pleasant voice.I juzz love her voice and we all are very happy to have such a great singer in our country. I hope she will sing more for us..we all love you n thank u so much for singing.....! :-)